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Teddy Bear and Owner

Stuffed Animals

Kids love our soft, cuddly teddy bears and stuffed animals. We have a great selection in all shapes and sizes, made from high-quality alpaca wool. The smallest stuffed alpaca toys start at just $10 and our largest stuffed animal costs $74. Most of our stock is between $20 and $55. We also have mini or regular-sized lions, bunnies, and even elephants that reach 12" in height.

Stuffed Animal Sizes:
5 1/2" - 10 1/2" - 12 1/2" - 16"


Any animal-lover will appreciate our beautiful alpaca statues. These statues come in two poses: standing and "cushing" (lying down).

Scented Wax Teddy Bears

Add a wonderful aroma to your home with scented wax teddy bears. These 8" bears send a delightful smell throughout your home. The fragrance lasts for years, and if it ever starts to fade just use your blow dryer on a low setting to make it come right back. Our fall scents include:

Macintosh Apple - Spiced Apple - Pumpkin Chai

Handmade Gifts

Give a beautiful, unique gift to someone special. We offer a fantastic selection of handmade gifts that includes alpaca teddy bears, alpaca yarn, alpaca socks, goat milk soap, and candles. We also sell high-quality clothing for men and women.

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Candles & Soaps

Lift your spirits with luxurious soaps and beautiful candles from Living the Dream Alpaca Farm & Vermont Alpaca Store in Quechee, VT. We offer goat milk soap that is excellent for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Our high-quality soy candles come from Keswick Candle Company and are the perfect way to add warmth and light to any room. We also have massage candles. The wax from these candles can be poured onto skin during massage or used as a moisturizer.

Boot Inserts

Most of our clothing is made from wool taken from an alpaca's body. This fiber is called "prime" and is the softest form of alpaca wool. The second fiber comes from the upper parts of the legs and the third comes from the lower parts of the legs. This third part is thicker and less soft than prime, but is perfect for making tough, comfortable boot inserts. We also use this third part to make woven laundry baskets, rugs, and purses.